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Preparing for Your Dental Extraction

July 31, 2023 9:46 am
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Severe damage, decay, crowding, and other issues can negatively affect the health of your smile. While dentists always try to save a natural tooth, extraction is sometimes the best choice for a patient. Follow these tips to prepare for an upcoming tooth extraction:

  1. Ask Questions Beforehand
  2. A tooth extraction is an oral surgery. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions! We can discuss whatever dental-related concerns are on your mind before your extraction, such as how to manage anxiety, the procedure’s out-of-pocket cost, and what you can expect during your recovery.

  3. Share Your Relevant Medical History
  4. To ensure your safety, we need to know about your medical conditions and medications before an extraction. We likely have most of your information already if you’re a current patient, but please let us know if anything about your health has changed.

  5. Avoid Eating Before an Extraction
  6. Depending on what kind of anesthesia you’ll be given, your dentist may recommend not eating before your tooth extraction. This helps prevent nausea during and after the surgery. Please let us know if you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow fasting.

  7. Don’t Smoke 12-72 Hours Before Your Extraction
  8. Smoking and other tobacco use weakens your body’s ability to heal so you should not smoke several days before and after your surgery. Ideally, you should quit entirely!

  9. Organize a Ride Home
  10. It’s not safe to drive home by yourself after oral surgery. Before your extraction, you should organize a ride home. If a friend or family member can’t drive you, you’ll need to take a rideshare or taxi.

Tooth Extractions in Harrisonburg, VA

We understand that the thought of having a tooth extraction can feel stressful! Dr. Rigby and our team strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible. And with these preparations, you can feel at ease about your extraction and ready for a smooth recovery! Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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