KöR Professional Teeth Whitening in Harrisonburg, VA

Professional teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to enhance the appearance of your smile as well as your overall appearance. Rockingham Prosthodontics uses KöR teeth whitening, which is kept refrigerated from the time it is created until it is used. This keeps the whitening properties fresh and effective and also reduces the need for chemical stabilizers, which can cause tooth sensitivity. To learn more about our professional teeth whitening services or schedule your next visit, please contact us!

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What are my options for professional teeth whitening?

Our office provides both in-office teeth whitening treatments as well as take-home whitening treatments. In-office teeth whitening takes approximately one hour, making it a convenient option for patients who need their smiles whitened quickly. Take-home teeth whitening allows patients to whiten their teeth over the course of a week or two from the comfort of home. If you would like custom whitening trays, we can take impressions of your smile to create them for you. Otherwise, our office has one-size trays that are available to use right away.

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How long does professional teeth whitening last?

The effects of your teeth whitening treatments may last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on a few different factors. Patients who smoke regularly or frequently drink dark-colored beverages like soda, coffee, tea, and red wine may find that their teeth lose their brightness faster than average. During your teeth whitening consultation, we can review your daily habits and lifestyle to determine how often you will need to whiten your smile to keep it consistently bright. With regular treatments, your teeth should remain beautifully white!

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Is professional teeth whitening worth it?

It all depends on you and your unique smile goals. If you only want your teeth to look a little brighter, whitening strips and toothpastes may be all that you need. However, if you want your teeth to appear noticeably whiter and remain bright and white, custom teeth whitening treatments are the way to go. This is because whitening toothpastes only remove surface-level stains, while professional teeth whitening gel is absorbed into the tooth where it whitens the dentin. Still unsure? Our team would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more insight.