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Why Don’t All Dentists Perform Oral Surgery In-House?

January 16, 2024 9:00 am
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Ever wondered why your dentist might send you off to a specialist, like Rockingham Prosthodontics, for certain procedures like wisdom tooth removal or dental implants? Well, it’s not just for a change of scenery! There’s a good reason behind this referral system. So, let’s unwrap the mystery and find out why not all dentists perform oral surgery in-house.

Dentistry vs. Oral Surgery: A Tale of Specialization

Think of your dentist as a general practitioner and an oral surgeon as a specialist. Just like in medicine, dentistry is full of specialties. Your go-to dentist is a pro at keeping your smile clean and healthy with routine care. But when it comes to the complexities of oral surgery, it’s time for the specialists to step in. Basically, these wizards of surgery have additional training that turns them into superheroes for your surgical needs.

The Need for Special Gear: Advanced Equipment and Facilities

Oral surgery is like an art that requires specific tools. Not every dental clinic is decked out with the high-tech gear needed for intricate surgeries. By visiting an oral surgeon, you’re stepping into a world where everything, from the chair you sit in to the equipment used, is tailored for surgical excellence. Basically, it’s like upgrading to first class for your dental care!

Safety First: Why Specialists Matter

Of course, safety is the top priority in any medical procedure. But, oral surgeons are specially trained to handle emergencies and complications that may arise during surgery. Referring you to a specialist ensures you’re in the hands of someone with the tools to navigate any unexpected challenges.

Time and Efficiency

Specialization can result in a more efficient experience. Oral surgeons streamline the surgical process, dedicating their time to honing their skills, whisking you through the process with efficiency and precision. Faster, more precise procedures and less chair time? Yes, please!

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Collaboration is key. By partnering with oral surgeons, dentists can create comprehensive treatment plans that address your unique needs. This teamwork ensures you receive the best care from both general and specialized dental professionals.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Comprehensive Treatment Plans

At Rockingham Prosthodontics, we’re like a Swiss Army knife for your dental needs – equipped for everything from routine check-ups to complex oral surgeries. Think of us as your dental dream team, seamlessly blending preventive, cosmetic, restorative, and surgical expertise under one roof. We collaborate to craft treatment plans that are not just tailored to your needs, but also incredibly convenient. No more hopping from one specialist to another – we’ve got you covered every step of the way. It’s teamwork at its finest, ensuring your smile receives the comprehensive, all-star treatment it deserves, all in one place.

Prosthodontics in Harrisonburg, VA

At Rockingham Prosthodontics, we understand the importance of specialized care. That’s why we’ve got a board-certified prosthodontist ready to tackle any tooth troubles you might have. Missing a tooth or two? No problem! Come on in and let’s get your smile back to its shining glory. Schedule your appointment today and join the family of dazzling smiles!

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