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Could I Need Multiple Tooth Extractions?

September 1, 2021 12:34 am
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There are several factors that can lead to a tooth needing an extraction. Extensive decay, damage, or infection may be treated with a dental crown, root canal therapy, and/or antibiotics, but sometimes a natural tooth cannot be preserved and the best option is to remove the affected tooth. In other cases, like for wisdom teeth, keeping the natural tooth could cause more problems so extraction is usually the first course of action.

What Does the Extraction Procedure Involve?

Simple extractions are nonsurgical procedures to remove accessible teeth that are at or above the gumline. If a tooth is stuck below the gumline, oral surgery is required. Before either procedure, we’ll makes sure you have adequate pain relief so the experience is comfortable for you and painless.

How Many Teeth Will Be Pulled?

Wisdom teeth are usually extracted in the same visit for convenience, especially if you are given dental sedation. Damaged or decayed teeth may need to be extracted simultaneously due to an urgent threat to your oral health. Multiple extractions may make your recovery a bit more uncomfortable but it won’t necessarily make your recovery longer than had you purposefully spaced the extractions out.

Every patient’s situation is going to be different. Dr. Rigby will recommend the timeline that will be best for your unique needs!

Recovering After a Tooth Extraction

With single extractions, it often only takes a few days for the mouth to heal. Over-the-counter pain medications can help with any lingering soreness or tenderness. With multiple extractions, recovery may take a week or more. Carefully follow our post-op instructions. For example, for several days you’ll need to avoid straws, smoking, and vigorous physical activity; eat only soft foods like smoothies, bananas, mashed potatoes, and yogurt; and perform gentle salt water rinses.

While extracted wisdom teeth won’t need to be replaced, you will want to replace your permanent teeth with a reliable tooth replacement. Rockingham Prosthodontics offers a variety of restorative solutions, such as dental implants, dentures, and bridges. Contact us today to schedule a restorative consultation!

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